Another facet of surreal photography: Long exposure

Love affair: the Moon and the Tree

Long exposure has become extremely popular with digital photography. The explanation: today everyone can visualize his pictures on the screen of his camera, whereas before the result of the exposure time could only be seen after printing. This gives us, on the internet, countless numbers of seaside pictures with stunning views of pebbles, looking very much alike.

Long exposure can be used to add a movement effect or, for instance, to make the public in a museum disappear.

The tree picture opposite was taken with long exposure in order to mask (with the moving clouds) the harsh light of the moon.

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30 seconds. Panning cloud motion and movement in the grass.
25 seconds. Description of the activity of the place.
5 seconds. Reduction of the crowd, movement of the marry-go-round.
4 seconds. Movement of the marry-go-round, creating an abstract image.
13 seconds. Diffuse rendering of the natural environment in contrast with human intervention.
8 seconds. Removal of the crowd, panning cloud motion.