Introduction to Photography tips

"Fractal" filter - Olympic stadium - Montréal, Canada
We burn the rainforest only for the «benefit» of the human being - Corozal district, Belize
Party time?
Brown Anole - Anolis sagrei
Cosmos flowers

I created this photography website to share my pictures and my experience with you. I have been living in Central America for more than 10 years and I define myself as an "environmentalist" photographer.

I do not claim to explain to you how to take beautiful pictures, I rather want to present you the way I do things. You will not find here any technical tutorials or any exhaustive list of the equipment available on the market. I do not recommend any special equipment or brand and I do not collect any money through your visits.

I assume you are using an interchangeable lens camera. As far as I am concerned, I own several digital cameras, including an APS-C and a 24x36, a little collection of lenses ranging from 14 to 300 mm as well as teleconverters. I always shoot in RAW format for the high non-destructive flexibility of this format in post-processing.