Tips to Panoramic Photography

Pano 240° horizontal, about 65° vertical - 11 photos

To be panoramic a picture does not need to be an assemblage of several photos, it is simply an elongated photo. Its aspect ratio should be at least 1/2 but the most frequent is 1/3, regardless of the viewing angle.

Panoramic photography of more than 120° (the value of a 14 mm lens on a full-size sensor is 114°) is an assemblage of several photos and requires a good methodology when shooting to ensure a sufficient "partial coverage" of each photo. This is the subject I am discussing here.

Even if this assemblage is possible manually, some software programs can do the job quickly. As with everything, there are paid and free programs. The options offered, including automation, are not identical but one does not take panoramic pictures every day.

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Pano 360° horizontal, about 30° vertical - 22 photos

Pano 360° horizontal, about 90° vertical - 21 photos

Pano 360° horizontal, about 65° vertical - 13 photos

Pano 95° horizontal, about 25° vertical - 3 photos

Pano 360° horizontal, about 65° vertical - 21 photos